Our company is a project of loving football which was founded with the synergy of Raif Kaan Sezer, Sinan Kalyoncuoglu and the Fifa agent Mehmet Deliorman in 2013. Afterwards becoming institutional, it has been continuing its services in player representative and consultancy by Raif Kaan Sezer and Sinan Kalyoncuoglu with the brand “ by transfers” since 2017.

Our company has been reaching its targets by having close relations and being partners with prestigious Football clubs and agents from Europe to Asia, and South America to Russia. We really have a large player profiles set by our scouts selectively in all divisions and age groups.

By Transfers is an individual consultancy company achieving its aims idealistically by giving priority to human and human health, then morality of players, skill, working discipline and career planning with its farsighted agents.

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